1. Photo: Teacher Asks Students To Split Into 2 Groups To Simulate Ideal Class Size via The Onion

    "Hoping that a hands-on demonstration would help students grasp the concept, local teacher Rachel McKenzie reportedly instructed her class of 38 fourth-graders Wednesday to divide into two groups in order to simulate the conditions of an ideal class size."

  3. Playground ball: Not available on the App Store

    (Source: notonappstore)

  6. New Yorker: Poison Ivy: Are élite colleges bad for the soul? (via New Yorker)

  11. Building Better Teachers
    Mastering the craft demands time to collaborate—just what American schools don’t provide. (via Building Better Teachers - Sara Mosle - The Atlantic)

  12. Video: Watch Robin Williams’ “Seize The Day” scene in “Dead Poets Society”

    (Source: youtube.com)

  13. Vine:
    16 And Famous
    How Nash Grier Became The Most Popular Kid In The World
    via DIgg “These mini-movies, with titles like “When you can’t find your phone in your pockets…” trade on the mundane minutiae of high school life, and they drive girls wild. “
  15. Infographic: 30 Applications of Google Glass in Education via InformED (?)