2. Video: ‘Kite Fight’ via NYT. Please tell me there are teachers who use kites and kite fighting in class. Seems like a great way to engage kids in learning and making.

  3. New college data give fuller picture of graduation rates — and show challenges Washington Post: Dozens of public universities across the country, including three in Maryland, report that fewer than half of their full-time freshmen in 2007 earned bachelor’s degrees after six years at those schools or after switching to other schools.
  4. Movie Trailer:A Land Where Kids Roam Free via Mindshift

  6. "I wanna be homeschooled"

    "Really Manny do you want me to learn you english."

    (Source: unalike)

  8. Magazines: Why Poor Schools Can’t Win at Standardized Testing The Atlantic [hint: not enough textbooks]

  10. NEA Proposes Testing Cap of 5 Percent - Via ChalkbeatCO NEA president: Current testing system “will crumble”

  12. Don’t wear this t-shirt in front of your students (or teachers, I suppose) LOLShirts via Poynter

  15. Video: If Guns Were Dildos, These Kids Would Be Dead) Clever PSA via Digg.