1. "I wanna be homeschooled"

    "Really Manny do you want me to learn you english."

    (Source: unalike)

  3. Magazines: Why Poor Schools Can’t Win at Standardized Testing The Atlantic [hint: not enough textbooks]

  5. NEA Proposes Testing Cap of 5 Percent - Via ChalkbeatCO NEA president: Current testing system “will crumble”

  7. Don’t wear this t-shirt in front of your students (or teachers, I suppose) LOLShirts via Poynter

  10. Video: If Guns Were Dildos, These Kids Would Be Dead) Clever PSA via Digg.

  11. Video:What Kids Can Learn From A Water Balloon Fight NPR Ed on Roughhousing and other forms of play

  12. Movie Trailer: Lithgow and Molina Get Married and Have to Move in ‘Love Is Strange’ “The movie tells the story of a couple played by John Lithgow and Alfred Molina, who after finally tying the knot have to leave their home, when Molina’s character is fired from his job at a Catholic school.”

  13. Video: Teachers take on the brave new world of bullying apps like YikYak [Al Jazeera America]

  15. DeBlasio Family Dresses Up for Mermaid’s Parade Even though they don’t live in Brooklyn any more