1. Video: School of Doodle A free online high school for teen girls “Kim Gordon, Chan Marshall, Marina Abramovic and more have signed up to be teachers, and the dream team of supporters contributing “doodles” for funders includes Jenny Holzer, Kim Gordon, Courtney Love, Pussy Riot, Sia, Susan Orlean, and more. [Kickstarter]

  2. People: 50 Most Beautiful : Rachel Racusen | TheHill Former Miller committee press aide (now at the WH)

  4. Scandal! Ira Glass Says Shakespeare Sucks via The Wire

  5. Bart Simpson: “I will quit blaming the Common Core for everthing.”via Robert Pondiscio Make your own version here: http://www.addletters.com/pictures/bart-simpson-generator/5073974.htm#.U9VWPo1dX68

  6. Movie Trailers: “Dear White People” takes place on a fictional college campus and comes out in October. Crossed fingers it’s as smart and funny as the trailer seems — an updated version of Spike Lee’s School Daze.

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  10. Video: ‘Kite Fight’ via NYT. Please tell me there are teachers who use kites and kite fighting in class. Seems like a great way to engage kids in learning and making.

  11. New college data give fuller picture of graduation rates — and show challenges Washington Post: Dozens of public universities across the country, including three in Maryland, report that fewer than half of their full-time freshmen in 2007 earned bachelor’s degrees after six years at those schools or after switching to other schools.
  12. Movie Trailer:A Land Where Kids Roam Free via Mindshift

  14. "I wanna be homeschooled"

    "Really Manny do you want me to learn you english."

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